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6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

The uninvitable has happened...some one had to start this topic, so why not me starting out with an album that came in by post today:


William Fowler Collins - Perdition Hill Radio


(i hope this time it's not 90% me posting :p )

101_1392_medium DaveGraham 54 Posts

Flying Luttenbachers - Incarceration by Abstraction  ....very very harsh, but quite amazing!

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Yesterday :

Sonic Youth - The Eternal 2LP (Matador)
Plone - For Beginner Piano LP (Warp)

Grohs_medium grohs 99 Posts

COLD CAVE - Cremations (Great dark wave!)

VARIOUS - Konkani Songs - Music From Goa - Made In Bombay (had no doubt thi would be superb!)

BURIAL HEX/ZOLA JESUS - Split (still to listen but been loving Zola Jesus recently...sits nicely with Cold Cave)

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

I'm waiting for the vinyl version of Cremations, but I must confess I have the CD too (thanks Dominick). Such a fucking good album.

Wim_medium wimm 20 Posts

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

This album has everything i long for in pop music. so incredibly good.

Dirty_farm_medium jan-arne 189 Posts

massive haul from Bis Auf's Messer:

Gnaw Their Tongues: Rend It Each Other Like Wild Beasts (At War With False Noise)

Thou: Through the Empires of Eternal Void (Vendetta)

Hallowed Butchery: Funeral Rites for the Living (Vendetta)

Dolphins Into the Future: ...On Sea-Faring Isolation (Not Not Fun)

Teeth Mountain: Live On (Not Not Fun)

Cam Deas/Spoonio: split (Blackest Rainbow)

Thee Oh Sees: Help (In the Red)

and from the local store:

Olivier Messiaen: La nativité du seigneur (as discussed in the listening thread)

Will definitely pick up that Cold Cave. When and where's the vinyl coming out?

Grohs_medium grohs 99 Posts

i can't get enough of Dolphins Into the Future...i'm just not sure why though...

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

oh man, Mimaroglu box came this morning >

Yellow Tears - Don't Cry LP (Hospital)
Daniel Steven Crafts - Soap Opera Suite/Snake Oil Symphony LP
Diagram A - Human Tissue Press LP
Spine Scavenger - Weghted Ghost CS (Hanson)
Fragments - Underground Ocean CS (Hanson)
Hive Mind - A Feast Within CS (Gods of Tundra)
Emaciator - Appease CS (Monorail Tresspassing)
Work/Death - Contained In Proper Place Names CS (Monorail Tresspassing)
Work/Death - Accepting Irreparable Mechanics CS (Three Songs of Lenin)

So much to listen to!!

Akon_medium linea 13 Posts

Some totally awesome Gamelan thing I forget the name of....

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Remember the name then!! We need to know. And buy! :)

Akon_medium linea 13 Posts

yeah, sorry... that wasn't very helpful was it.

Keluarga Karawita Surakarta: Javanese Gamelan Variations, it's called. Amazing.


Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

where the crack did you find that? there's one single reference on Google! imo if something isn't on Emusic, it shouldn't exist. hehe :D

Akon_medium linea 13 Posts

It is on emusic!


I asked Charles Ardisson for a load of gamelan recommendations as he's well into that- he's been building some kind of crazy generative Gamelan software for yonks. There's about another 20 links on my facebook somewhere... I've downloaded about 5 of them so far and they've all been brilliant.

101_1392_medium DaveGraham 54 Posts



there we are *splurges more credits*  - right, must leave internet alone now and do something!

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

I got it too! Wahoo.

Annexmusic_medium Molt 36 Posts

Once again, leave it to me to get the stuff that everybody knows:

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

Sonic Youth - Murray Street

Low + Dirty Three - In the Fishtank 7

Diamondhead - Corrective Action (cassette)

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Don't worry I already bought Bitte Orca!! First day of release. I fucking love it, one of the albums of the year and a truly awesome pressing.

Grohs_medium grohs 99 Posts

Keluarga Karawita Surakarta: Javanese Gamelan Variations - SAVED FOR LATER!

Grohs_medium grohs 99 Posts

i actually forgot about if we're including digital release ;)

TERRY RILEY - Descending Moonshine Dervishes / Songs for the 10 Voices of the 2 Prophets

RON GEORGE - Bergamo, Johnston, George: The Floating Bubble


Eliane Radigue - Chry-ptus & L'île re-sonante

Akon_medium linea 13 Posts

I have tried to, but for some reason just can't 'get' Dirty Projectors. Saw them at Maximum Black last year and left feeling I should have liked it a lot more than I did. Same on record really. I am ashamed to say it but it kind of makes me want to listen to Vampire Weekend *hides*

Custom_neghativelogo_medium smtgltd 68 Posts

These all came in the mail recently...

William Fowler Collins - Perdition Hill Radio 2 x LP

Black Math Horseman - Wyllt LP

Gareth Davis + Steven R Smith - Westering LP


Aut_medium Kobresia 178 Posts

Labradford - Labradford

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline

Woot for Kranky (and their mailorder)!

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

The Village Orchestra - I Can Hear The Sirens Singing Again

Filth-man_medium Snailboy 11 Posts

some recent LP purchase favs....

Ugly Ducklings - Somewhere Outside

Brainbombs - Fucking Mess

The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegus

Riechmann - Wunderbar

Wooden Shjips - S/T

V/A - Pentecostes Vibrations (Spanish Xian Garage Psych & Beyond 1969 ~ 1979) *aside from the sick tracks absolutely beautiful package

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