Last album bought/got


Yau-xylor-jane-web_medium pete swans 96 Posts

it IS the new Dialing In record on Music Fellowship.  it's more..  "songy" than her other records..  not 100% sure how I feel about it yet, but I do think she's pretty criminally underrated..

Weis..  hit me up on email....  but yeah..  did a solo tour..  no banjo, but very guitar/vocal heavy..  went well for sure..  people seemed into it..  and I was pretty happy with my sets..  so..  there probably will be more eventually..  super busy these days tho and I probably won't be able to do anything longer than a weekend for awhile so..  probably no Chicago for a bit..  :(

oh.  scored a bunch of Gift Tapes that I don't already have on this tour..  and..  I think that label is probably the best "new new age" shit that's around right now.  a cut above for sure.

Dirty_farm_medium jan-arne 189 Posts

The Pink Noise:Memory Box (some great tracks on here although I love the lp on Sacred Bones even more)

Cave Dudes: First Strolls

Tns-artistpic_medium_square_medium digitalis 95 Posts

yeah, the LP is the cream of the crop as far as the pink noise goes, though that children's hospital record is prob. my fave of the s.bones stuff.

preordered that bobby beausoleil 'lucifer rising suite' 4xLP on ajna today.  i'm ridiculously excited about it as his 'lucifer rising' release is one of my all-time faves.

Grohs_medium grohs 99 Posts


BLACK TO COMM - Charlemagne & Pippin
DANNY NORBURY - Light In August
FENN O'BERG - Magic & Return
PIERRE HENRY - Le Microphone Bien Tempéré

Astral Social Club - #18 & #19

Ambarchi & Rowe - Cornelius Cardew's Treatise


Keluarga Karawitan Surakarta - Gambir Sawit Javanese Gamelan variations (courtesy of here)

Charles Curtis - Radigue : Naldjorlak

Think that's it for now....


Yau-xylor-jane-web_medium pete swans 96 Posts

oh yeah..  very excited about that lucifer rising box!  cannot wait!

Dirty_farm_medium jan-arne 189 Posts

Altar Eagle: Judo Songs

The North Sea: Exquisite Idols (finally on vinyl!)

Xasthur: All Reflections Drained (from the Boomkat summer sale)

...and another recent arrival in the mail: an 'invitation' asking me to pick up a non-EU package from the customs. I've been to this place before. It's at the other end of the city. To get there and back will take me about two hours and I'll be lucky if I won't have to pay import tax. I'm slowly giving up on ordering from overseas.

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

Got two cd's in today from Dragon's Eye Recordings.

Sublamp - Breathletters
Jamie Drouin - A Three Month Warm Up

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

I went crazy again last few days and the first packages are slowly coming in...


Black To Comm - Charlemagne & Pippin
Darwinsbitch - Ore
Peter Wright - Red Lion

(thanks Brad)


100_3326_medium James 217 Posts

Emeralds - Allegory Of Allergies, 

Erstlaub - Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies, 

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - utp


ps Thanks for the Erstlaub tip you posted Orphax. Will hopefully be picking some more Moving Furniture releases soon

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts


No problem hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)


Package I go from 12K

Motion - Every Action
Fourcolor - Letter of Sounds
Steinbrüchel - Stage
Tu M' - Monochromes vol. 1

Amwpposter_medium opticecho 116 Posts

Cex "Dannible" 12" - Interesting mashup.  His role player album was my fav back in the day


Savath & Savalas "La Llama" 2LP - Pretty good, downtempo meets latin from Scott Herren

100_3326_medium James 217 Posts

Richard Skelton's new Landings release

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Amazing record that James, coming on Type at the end of the year :)

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Just got through the post -

Moniek Darge - Sounds of Sacred Places LP


Dirty_farm_medium jan-arne 189 Posts

Finally picked up that package from customs: 2hrs travel, 45 minutes waiting to learn that my package was 67 cents too expensive to be free and that I had to pay 5.77€ import tax. That's an entire morning away from work for 5.77€. Surely that's not how it's meant to be? Anyway, inside were:

Magic Lantern/Hop Frog Collective: split lp

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer: Dried Up Corpse 10"

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

[artist]Grouper[/artist] - Cover The Windows And The Walls
[artist]Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree[/artist] - Transcriptions
[artist]Fenn O'Berg[/artist] - Magic & Return

6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts


6145651418982f54cfa096957df3f14e_medium Orphax 1056 Posts

and the story continues:

After having my hair cut I went to the local recordstore and bought some secondhand records:

Leo Kottke - 6- and 12-String guitar
Ensemble Nipponia - Kabuki & Other Traditional Music
The National Raga Company of India - Classical Ragas of India

Reliquaire_biery_fang_medium Luc_ 17 Posts

William Fowler Collins - Perdition Hill Radio

Grouper - Cover the windows and the walls (CD)

Jacaszek - Pentral

Kreng - L'autopsie phénoménale de Dieu

Jóhann Jóhannsson -Virdulegu Forsetar

Img_1598_medium Mich 19 Posts

Tu M' - Monochromes Volume 1 (Line)

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan / Solitude (Slow To Speak)

Monolake - Atlas / Titan (Imbalance Computer Music)

Harmonia - Live 1974 (Grönland)

Various Artists - 50 ans de musique electro-acoustiques au GRM (INA GRM)

Jon Hassell - Power Spot (ECM)

Reliquaire_biery_fang_medium Luc_ 17 Posts

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Vertical Ascent

Jon Hassell - Last night the moon came down ...


Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

What's the Moritz Trio album like??? Been meaning to grab it!

Reliquaire_biery_fang_medium Luc_ 17 Posts

Well, I listened to it only once and it has all the qualities of Moritz' previous productions, but it's less austere and minimal than basic channel's outputs. Vadislav Delay's percussions make a noticeable difference here, I would say.

I'd love to catch them live in Paris on Saturday... but unfortunately, I can't...

Custom_xelabw-crop_medium John 650 Posts

Hmmm... I like austere and minimal :)

Reliquaire_biery_fang_medium Luc_ 17 Posts

What a shock!  :D

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