“Album” by Mokira

The Type debut for Sweden's Andreas Tilliander.



Mokira is better known as Swedish ‘Clicks ’n Cuts’ superstar Andreas Tilliander. After his hugely successful releases on Raster Noton and Mille Plateaux, he is bringing a more subdued sound to the Type label. This record shows an interesting shift in direction for the much plagiarised clicks and cuts stalwart. Instead of using the glitch as a basis for rhythmical experimentation, Andreas has brought his love of post rock and ambient music into the equation, and removed his signiture glitch-beats altogether. The method works beautifully, and Andreas has managed to forge his most mature and involving album yet.

The best way to describe this record is to watch the sun rise over green fields as the mid-morning dew droplets fall from daffodils, and cherry blossom blows in the warm, tempered winds. This is an album which is totally digital, but at the same time, one of the most organic sounding ambient compositions for a long time. Heady electrically charged pulses seeped in a mirage of warm carressing drones assault the senses in every way, and each carefully formed track tumbles into the next. The seven works on this record form one master-track, indexed at seven key moments of change. Each piece can stand alone, but for the full effect they must be played together, from beginning to end.

‘Album’ is the most simplistic of names, it reveals nothing about the secrets within, but it could also mean so much. In fact the disc plays as a photo album of sorts, a document of sights and sounds, a diary from another dimension. So there we have it, a record which revels in the simplicity of it’s concept, but hidden within is a treasure so beautiful that it takes the mind of a musical archaeologist to discover it.