“Float” by Peter Broderick

The debut album from Portland's Peter Broderick.



In the last few years the world has seen its fair share of musicians give up the trusty guitar in favour of the piano, the banjo or possible even the French horn, but rarely to we get a musician who seems so perfectly suited to any instrument he cares to grab hold of. ‘Float’ is the debut full-length album from Oregonian Peter Broderick and is the ideal showcase for his well-honed instrumental talents, blending as it does his love of folk music, classical music and good old fashioned indie pop. After the release of the ‘Docile’ EP on cult Swedish label Kning disk there was no doubting the man’s piano playing skills, but here we see the piano joined by violins, cello, drums, banjo, guitar, vocals and so much more resulting in a dense and varied collection of tracks. An easy comparison might be Efterklang, the Danish band who Peter currently performs with but ‘Float’ is just as easily linked to the work of FatCat’s Max Richter, Type’s Sylvain Chauveau or even the Portland, Oregon scene which birthed him.

‘Float’ is an album which has a definite narrative – a fan of film soundtracks and the films themselves Peter decided early on to make an album which was not simply a collection of random tracks. Rather we hear themes appear and re-appear, motifs to signal the different acts of the record and characters, sometimes in the shape of instruments themselves dropping in and out as if through some thick French cigarette smoke. Even the titles of the tracks themselves could tell a story and as you listen to the album, as subconsciously you follow the broad lines which link each piece together.

Already Peter has interest from the most important indie labels around the world, so catch him now before the rest of the world gets hold…