“Marking Time” by Richard Skelton

Vinyl release of Richard Skelton's stunning debut.


While ‘Marking Time’ might be the first release under Richard Skelton’s own name, it is far from the Lancashire musician’s debut recording. Using a plethora of creative monikers (A Broken Consort, Harlassan, Carousel, Landings and more), Richard has slipped graciously into avant garde folklore. Each gorgeous hand-made record appears (usually on his own Sustain Release imprint) and then disappears in a matter of hours leaving the baying hordes to spend their lives on Ebay and Discogs if they want to collect them all.

‘Marking Time’ is Richard’s first widely available record and might be the most perfect distillation of his sound to date. Using a selection of bowed string instruments and lavishing these sustained howls with the most delicate of fingerpicked guitar and gentle piano, he takes us through a most harrowing journey. These short songs are deft and deeply touching musings on loss and of the importance of time. Comparisons could be made to plenty of Richard’s modern-classical or avant folk contemporaries but few imbue their music with such a deep sense of humanity and patience. This is an album which truly rewards those who give it the time it commands.

LIMITED VINYL EDITION ONLY. CD edition is available on Preservation.