“The Black Book of Capitalism” by Sylvain Chauveau

A remastered reissue of Sylvain Chauveau's incredible debut album!



Originally released in 2000, ‘Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme’ was the first album from French composer Sylvain Chauveau. Now in 2008 it has been remastered and repackaged for Type Records, translated into the English ‘The Black Book of Capitalism’.

This record was the first the world had heard from Sylvain, a musician who had been rooted in post rock before realising that he could do a lot more with the instruments around him. On ‘The Black Book of Capitalism’ we hear a rare playful side to the composer as he flirts with Gallic classical music, electronica, jazz, and even indie rock. The variety splintered into various side-projects as Sylvain moved on in the music scene but here we get a sense of confident experimentation without a hint of cliché. Sylvain’s sound would go on to influence a host of other artists and kick off an entire sub-genre of modern classical music, but strangely enough this debut album has been out of press for some time. Now remastered by Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin and on vinyl for the first time ever it sounds more relevant and timeless than it ever has.

Beginning with a cloud of smoky ambience, piano, strings and the atmospheric field recordings that frame the record, we are dragged into Sylvain’s noir-esque world. This sets the scene for the entire album which drifts through the kind of piano-led classical vignettes popularised by Max Richter and more recently Goldmund yet punctuates these with doomy jazz and lighter pieces such as the guitar-led ‘Dialogues Avec Le Vent’. The result is a beguiling collection of pieces which show an incredibly inventive mind at work, a mind refusing to be held to one specific style, or even time.