“The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3&4” by Pye Corner Audio

The second chunk of radiophonic electronics from Pye Corner Audio's Black Mill Tapes series.



Pye Corner Audio corner has finally completed his follow-up to the crushing Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1&2, and unsurprisingly it’s just as faded as its predecessor. While Volume 3 has been available for quite some time via the mysterious producer’s Bandcamp page, this is the first time Volume 4 has ever been heard, and marks the completion of the series that has catapulted him into acclaim.

These two diverse full-lengths have been re-mastered and slotted together on one record, and mark a transitional period in The Head Technician’s production history. Eschewing the whimsical ambience of the previous chapters, there’s a notable shift into beat-laced darkness on Volumes 3&4.

‘Electronic Rhythm Number Five’ is maybe the producer’s most obvious nod to classic house yet with its punchy square-wave bassline and dusty disco snare. Elsewhere, we’re treated to a slice of sizzling darkwave with ‘Inside the Wave’, and gloomy John Carpenter-influenced rumblings with the sparse ‘Dystopian Vector Part One’.

Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3&4 is yet another expertly crafted collection of electronic vignettes, handled by a producer whose veteran’s touch can be heard in each note. This is the soundtrack to the flickering neon light outside your bedroom window, and should be approached with caution.