“Carbonized Eyesockets” by Indignant Senility

Diverse doesn't even begin to explain this mind-piss of a mix from Portland's Pat Maherr.


Pat Maherr might be a name unfamiliar to most of you, but under his many pseudonyms (Indignant Senility, DJ Yo-Yo Dieting, Moms Who Chop, Glamorous Pat etc) he has been belching out some of the most beguiling sounds I’ve heard in a long time. This fall/winter will see the release of the first Type material from Indignant Senility, but until then check this truly astounding collection of tracks. This is what mixtapes are all about…

(0’00) Absurd- “Asgardsrei” (1999)
(3’32) Solitary Hunter- “Depress Her Until Morning” from split tape w/ Ex-Jesus, (Callow God, 2005)
(6’50) Shizuo- “Sexual High” (1997)
(9’13) Violent Onsen Geisha- “Blade Anal JB” from What Was Violence? comp (777 was 666)
(11’48) Ildjarn- “Tåkeheim” (1995)
(14’07) Endless Humiliation- exerpt from My Wife Is Willing LP (Peel Back The Sky, 2009)
(18’33) Guam River- from Test For Dennis the Maniac cdr, American Tapes #435 (2005)
(23’50) GG Allin- “Dog Shit” (live)
(26’09) Odal- “Traitor” from On Old Paths (collected early works comp on Klaxon Records)
(32’33) Tanaka-Nixon Meeting – from 12 Inches Heaven 12"
(36’14) Absurd- “Crux Gammata” (1999)
(38’55) Teeny Bopper-“Makeup Essentials” from Double Face Perfector tape (Happy Face Entertainment, 2008)
(41’07) Six Finger Satellite- “Cock Fight” (1995)
(45’33) Russian Tsarlag- “That Thing In Your Hair”, from Send Me A Shockwave tape (Bonescraper)
(47’24) One Dark Eye- excerpt from “Emmenagogue” (1997)
(53’33) Martial Canterel- “Steele” (2005)
(57’22) Anal Cunt- exerpt from 7,643 Songs EP (1989)
(60’43) Feather Headress- excerpt from You Have Great Balls tape (Gnar Tapes ‘N’ Shit) (2009)
(63’22) Gorgoroth- “Ritual” (1994)
(67’06) Rodger Stella- excerpt from Foucault Zombie LP (2007)
(70’01) Carcass- “Carbonized Eyesockets” (1988)
(71’01) Prick Decay & Neil Campbell- excerpt from The Rate of CHB Is In tape (Union Pole, 1995)