“Drunk, Naked and Dreaming” Molting Music

A diverse mix of music and poetry...


Friend of Type and forum member Ryan Carr (aka Molting Music) has compiled this special edition of his radio show just for us! With songs mixed with poetry it’s really a rather singular experience! Here’s what he has to say…

“Molting Music was an idea that arose from the rabid interest of literature of my friend Katherine and my own obsession with music. We both love sharing poetry and the latest records with each other, which eventually led to us wanting to share them with others. So, Molting Music has become a weekly themed podcast in which we string together music and poetry. This exclusive show for Type Records is inspired by sweltering summer days and the latest rise of psych rock/pop and is dedicated to my friend Steve Rosborough. Steve, recently acquired his first outside artist to put out a tape on his Minneapolis-based Moon Glyph Tapes. I hope you enjoy these songs accompanied by poetry by the Beatniks.”

Wavves – “Intro Goth”

Peter Orlovsky – “Frist Poem” Note: This is not a typo

Ducktails – “Chill Jam”

Cave – “High, I Am”

Daughters of the Sun – “Shine On”

Allen Ginsberg – “America”

Woods – “Rain On”

Velvet Davenport – “Outside Man”

Agitation Free – “Khan El Khalili”

Frank O’Hara – “Homosexuality”

Jackie-O-Motherfucker – “Hey Mr. Sky”

Ganglians – “The Void”

Robert Creeley – “America”

Peaking Lights – “Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers”

Blues Control – “Call Collect”

Jack Kerouac – “Bowery Blues”

13th Floor Elevators – “I’ve Got Levitation”

Olives – “The Mother of Tortoises”

Allen Ginsberg – “An Asphodel”