“By Tomorrow” Jed Bindeman

Portland strikes again with a mix from Heavy Winged's Jed Bindeman!


Jed Bindeman is probably best known for his skin-bashing in trans-continental noise-rock band Heavy Winged, but those of us who know him are aware he’s a little more busy than that. Taking on rhythm duties in Eternal Tapestry, frequently collaborating with Type’s very own Xela (hear him on ‘In Bocca Al Lupo’) and running a wonderful sideline in vinyl mail order he’s one of Portland’s most vibrant characters. So we asked him to make a mix…

1) Darkspace – 2.8 (from “II” cd, avantgarde music, 2005)
2) Parson Sound – Sov Gott Rose-Marie (from “s/t” 2cd, recorded 1969/released 2001)
3) Vibracathedral Orchestra – Baptism Bar Blues (from split lp with jackie-o motherfucker, textile, 2001)
4) Maciunas Ensemble – Easy Take (from “music for everyman” lp, het appolohuis, 1986)
5) Franco Battiato – Sequenze E Frequenze (from “sulle corde di aries” lp, bla bla, 1973)
6) Luciano Cilio – Quarto Quadro (from “dialoghi del presente” lp/cd, emi/die schachtel, 1977/2005)
7) Lino Capra Vaccina – Antico Adagio (from “antico adagio” lp, self-released, 1978)
8) Fursaxa – Donna Plumerae (from “mandrake” cd/lp, acid mothers temple/eclipse, 2000/2004)
9) Jessica Bailiff – Helpless (from “warren” 7", bad jazz, 1999)
10) Windy and Carl – Whisper (from “drawing of sound” lp, blue flea, 1996)