“Fall's Gold” by The North Sea

The third mix from Digitalis head-honcho Brad Rose...


You should know the deal by now, Brad Rose is The North Sea (among other things) and also runs the fab Digitalis label. He’s got a sizable record collection and, well, we love it when he graces us with a mix (or three). Here’s one primed for the Fall with some pure hits, old and new…

1 “Behind the Habit Wheel” – Flowerman (from “Exotic Cameo” CDR)
2 “Canned Air” – Mars Accelerator (self-released & FREE http://www.marsaccelerator.com)
3 “Honey” – Altar Eagle (from forthcoming “Mechanical Gardens” album on Type)
4 “Bells” – Secret Colors (from s/t tape/CDR)
5 “God Bless The Child” – Terrors (from split tape w/ Infinite Body on Cavelife)
6 “Love Lagoon” – Blue Sabbath Black Fiji (from “Gemini” CDR)
7 “Fear is a Man’s Best Friend” – Shahs (free download EP from their myspace)
8 “When I Get Home” – Baby Dee (from “Love’s Small Song”)
9 “Song for Dennis Brown” – the Mountain Goats (from “The Sunset Tree”)
10 “Centennial” – Acre (from forthcoming Digitalis CD)
11 “Moan Roar Squawk Yelp, How’m I Gonna Sway You?” – Alphabets (from “Pow Sound” tape)
12 “The Sound of Lies” – Odawas (from “The Blue Depths”)
13 “Into the Ground” – Roll the Dice (from forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
14 “India” – Mira Cook (live on WFMU, from forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
15 “Thunder Road” – Bruce Springsteen (live recording)