“Type Mix 2” by Yellow Swans

A second mix from Yellow Swans man Pete Swanson...


Thanks to Yellow Swans man Pete Swanson for yet another incredible mix. Also before I forget, the new Yellow Swans album ‘Going Places’ drops very soon now (February) so start salivating. I might as well leave it to Mr. Swanson himself to explain the rest :

“First off, apologies to any of the artists that I chopped up.. for the sake of brevity and flow in the mix… I had to do it..

This mix started as something I was just slapping together to send to Gabe since he said he hadn’t been hearing much interesting new stuff.. and I have been hung up on a lot of new music lately. I wanted to spread the inspiration. So, I got into it, and thought this would actually make an ok thing for Mr. Twells here… So here it is..

Most of this stuff is pretty around and available.. Hell, a lot of it is NEW.. so.. if you like the tracks from Nmperign, Mouthus, Sade Sade, Flaming Tunes, John Pilcher, Moniek Darge or Graham Lambkin… that shit is around. So.. Things you should know about this.. Rene Hell.. this is apparently only available on a blog.. ooof……… Peaking Lights, this is for an upcoming night people release.. Sade Sade is Gabe…. My track on here is an outtake from these studio recordings I did at the Marriage studio a few months back.. I didn’t like much of what I recorded.. but.. I did edit this lil guy together for Yeti magazine and I think it’s OK.

otherwise, this is what I’ve been playing at home lately.. Enjoy!"

Mouthus – EU Tour Singularity (edit)
Nmperign – Fault
John Wiese – Circle Snare (second)
John Pilcher – Song for O
Flaming Tunes – Beguiling the Hours
Greg Malcolm – Ghosts From the Past
Reanimator – Clicks and Drones May….
Sade Sade – Point of Praxis (edit)
Moniek Darge – Fairy Tale
English & Toshimaru Nakamura – The Color Of (edit)
Anestis Logothetis – Fantasmata 1960 (edit)
Pete Swanson – Yeti Outtake
Graham Lambkin – Softly Softly Copy Copy Track 2 (edit)
Gate – Animals
Rene Hell – CU.P8 – xtn
Peaking Lights – Little Birds
Nuno Canavarro – Wolfie