“Georgian Mix” by Jon Mueller

An enlightening collection of Georgian vocal music, compiled by fresh Type signee Jon Mueller.


When I met Jon Mueller, the first thing we were bound to talk about was music. We both have similar tastes so after getting through the regular dross he let me in on a secret – that he was collecting up Georgian vocal music obsessively. He had an illicit hook up in Europe who would ship the vinyl over to him, and he just hadn’t been able to shake the obsession. Now to me that aroused a musical curiosity and of course I had to tap Mueller’s rich musical seam for a Typecast… and here it is, in all its haunting, richly vocal glory.

Here’s some words from Jon himself…

“I don’t have all the details on the tracks used, but it’s a mix of the choirs – Sakartvelo, Fazisi, and Georgian Voices. Some of it is pre-Christian, some dance, some Christian hymn, some drinking and work songs. I have to thank my friend Karl Paloucek for passing me many of the tracks heard here, and also Andrew McKenzie for introducing me to the music initially. All the LPs I’ve collected since are straight from Georgia, have no English text whatsoever, and unfortunately don’t make an appearance here, but are similar to the powerful music you’ll hear in this mix.”