“Digitalis Summer Mix” by The North Sea

Brad Rose should need no introduction in these parts, and this mix shows us it's alright to get the BBQ out. Who loves the sun?


Brad Rose is the man behind so many projects I don’t think I can even remember them all – The North Sea, Ajilvsga, Altar Eagle, Sea Zombies. That’s just a few of them and I’m already worn out. Despite being prolific though, he also manages to run one of the finest labels on the planet, the lovely Digitalis Industries. With a steady stream of tapes, vinyl and, yeesh, cds they never disappoint. Here’s a collection of tracks from the man himself, setting the scene for an afternoon of sun drenched picnicking. I’ll bring the Scotch eggs…

1. Hana Akari – The Green Blossoms (from “Whiskey Leaves” – Digitalis forthcoming)
2. New Wave Hookers – The Pink Noise (from “Memory Box” – Inyrdisk)
3. Intro to Imaginary Falcons – Peaking Lights (from “Imaginary Falcons” – Night People)
4. Love Canal – Games (from “Dance This Way” 7" – Open Eye)
5. Make Me Your Private Party – Tujiko Noriko, John Chantler, & Lawrence English (from “U” – Room40)
6. High Steppin’ II – Bugskull (from “Communication” – Digitalis forthcoming LP)
7. No Fun – Doctor Mix & the Remix (from “Wall of Noise” – Rough Trade)
8. Bicycle – Refrigerator (from “How You Continue Dreaming” – Revolver)
9. Dog – Zola Jesus (from “New Amsterdam” – Sacred Bones)
10. The Trees Grew Emotions & Died – Cold Cave (from “The Trees Grew Emotions & Died” – Dais)
11. Punk Rock Xerox Connections – Pussycat Trash (from “Non-Stop Hip Action” – Slampt?)
12. Restless Mind – Gareth Williams & Marie Curie (from “Flaming Tunes”)
13. Our Product – Pie (from “Strictly Seance” – Big Top)
14. Pinckney Gal – Desmond Dekker (from 7" – Pyramid)
15. Do that Dance – Primitive Calculcators (from s/t – Chapter)
16. Space Movement: Section 3 – Creation Rebel (from “Starship Africa” – On-U sound)
17. Runaway May – Young Boys (from split w/ FM.Face – Digitalis Limited forthcoming)
18. Swan Song of the Humpback Angler – Odawas (from “The Blue Depths” – Jagjaguwar)
19. Cheree – Suicide (from s/t)