“Barge Typecast” Barge Recordings

Barge's Dave Nardone and Ian Lawrence provide a cut-and-paste selection for our pleasure.


Barge Recordings has been steadily building a name for itself over the last handful of years. Recently with releases from the Fun Years and Animal Hospital they’ve achieved cult status, and being local folks I figured it was high time to tap them for a Podcast. This was over a year ago, and Dave Nardone and Ian Lawrence can officially go down as the most meticulous selectors we’ve ever had put a mix together for Type. Here’s the tracklist (it was worth the wait…) -

Heldon – Fluence
Bobby BueuSoleil – Sleeping Dragon
George-Edwards Group – Just a Minute…
Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson – Living with the Crocodiles
Bill Orcut – Street Peaches
Secret Abuse – Light
Ducktails – Deck Observatory
Roll the Dice – Gaudeloupe
Love Cry Want – Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday
Chris Smith – Bird Proof
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (For Lamonte Young)
Joji Yuasa – My Blue Sky (No.1)
Cadaver In Drag – Hair, Skin, and Teeth
Matthew Young – Version, Inversion
The Fun Years – Am I Having A Stroke?
Mark Templeton – Increasing by Numbers
Hiroshi Higashi – Flying Pig
Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Circles
Daniel Menche – Sudden Disappearance of the Black Blooded Jackal