“The Sickening” by Svarte Greiner

A doom-drenched collection of surrealism from Erik K. Skodvin.


Typecast veterans will probably remember Erik Skodvin’s classic mixes for the old-format site (all that burgundy, you must remember). It’s hard to believe his last mix was five long years ago, but in the interim period he’s been busy establishing the Miasmah label as a powerhouse output of gloomy missives, and moving to the cosmopolitan hotspot of Berlin. Somehow he’s managed to find time to piece together this fresh collection of darkness and despair, so listen and cherish – it might be 2015 before we get another one!

01. This is Music inc. – White skin, black mask (from self released 7", California)
02. Cindytalk – Silver Sholes Of Light (Bluesanct)
03. EL-RON – Are Dangdut Kings (Records) *
04. Will Guthrie – Spike (Pica-Disk)
05. Black To Comm – Wave Ufo (Dekorder)
06. Sevendal/Skodvin – Live at Emanuell Vigelands Mausoleum 2010 *
07. Nurse With Wound – Groove Grease (Hot Catz) (Dirter Promotions)
08. Dead Raven Orchestra – Sheep-Crook, Black Dog (Aurora Borealis)
09. Shusaku Uchiyama and Misao Senbongi – Serenity *
10. Pantha Du Prince – Im Bann (Dial)
11. HTRK – Fascinator (Blast First Petit)
12. Excerpt of Charlemagne Palestine at the Tiergarten Carillion, Berlin ****
13. Juv – Juv (Fortcoming Miasmah)
14. Vincent Gallo – So Sad (Warp)

- * Early Keith Fullerton Whitman band project

- ** Collab improv by FNS & Erik k Skodvin aka. Svarte Greiner using chairs & guitars

- * From Resident Evil 4 OST

- **** Own recording from the Transmediale festival in Berlin, 2010.