“Away, Outside” Desire Path Recordings

A gorgeous slice of wintery ambience from Buffalo's Desire Path Recordings.


Pieced together by works that evoke a sense of separateness, exploration, and distance, this ‘travelogue’ entitled “Away, Outside” features a couple works from upcoming releases for Desire Path Recordings as well as a number of pieces that embody this theme yet still exist within their own insulated space.
“The greater the distance, the clearer the view.” – W.G. Sebald

Desire Path Recordings is a Buffalo-based label focused on releasing experimental music infrequently on vinyl and digital formats. We firmly believe the vinyl format is the ideal medium to experience music of this nature as it allows the listener to exist in their familiar home environment while engaging with the music at a personal level, without the constraints of unneeded stimuli that invade a person’s space, deterring the listener from escaping to a place they may otherwise never find.

Kyle Bobby Dunn – Dropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake (Start-3:45) DEMO -Taken from forthcoming album on Desire Path Recordings
Antonymes – A Fragile Acceptance (3:45-10:10) Hidden Shoal
Skjolbrot – Rue Victor Masse to Gare d’Austerlitz (10:10-14:35) Self-Released
Janek Schaefer & Charlemagne Palestine – Raga de l’apres midi pour Aude EDIT (14:35-22:35) DEMO Taken from forthcoming album on Desire Path Recordings
Solo Andata – Carving (22:35-31:10) Taken from “Ritual” Now Available
Black Swan – Movement 1 (31:10-37:27) Experimedia
Jannick Schou – 21.25 (37:27-40:51) Dead Pilot Records
Field Rotation – Acoustic Tale 3 (40:51-45:10) Fluid Audio
Ithaca Trio – For Ailing Health (45:10-End) Self-Released

Photo by Daniel Crossley