“Beyond The Backbeat” by Zelienople

Zelienople drummer Mike Weis takes us on a journey through the world of percussion.


A mammoth all-percussion mix from Zelienople drummer Mike Weis. Now that might not sound enticing, but reserve judgment until you’ve trawled through the pummeling, piercing and at times ear-crumbling sounds within. Truly epic!

1. Jon Mueller – Trace Essential (from ‘Metals’, drummer – Jon Mueller)
2. Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio – Kleine Nülle, Evergreen (from ‘Pakistani Pomade’, drummer – Paul Lovens)
3. AMM – Vandoevre (from ‘Ambient 4: Isolationism’, drummer – Eddie Prevost)
4. Galbraith/Neilson/Youngs – Samian (from ‘Beslayer Time’, drummer – Alex Neilson)
5. Fire Room – Broken Music (from ‘Broken Music’, drummer – Paal Nilsson-Love)
6. Organum – Aurora (from ‘Sphyx’, drummer – Eddie Prevost)
7. Ravi Shankar – Madness (from ‘Transmigration Macabre’, drummer unknown)
8. Sun Ra – Adventure-Equation (from ‘Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy’, drummers – John Gilmore, Marshall Allen)
9. Art Ensemble of Chicago – Thème de l’Amour Universel (from ’Les Stances a Sophie’, drummer – Don Moye)
10. Eyeless In Gaza – Lies Of Love (from ‘Pale Hands I Loved So Well’, drummers – Martyn Bates, Peter Becker)
11. Eno/Wobble – Spinner (from ‘Spinner’, drummer – Jaki Liebezeit)
12. David Byrne – Cloud Chamber (from ‘The Catherine Wheel’, drummer unknown)
13. Javanese Court Gamelan – Bubaran (from ‘Pura Paku Alaman, Jogyakarta’, drummer unknown)
14. Bachir Attar – Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil (from ‘The Next Dream’, drummer – Aiyb Dieng)
15. Aka Pygmies – Zoboko (from ‘African Rhythms’, drummers – Aka Pygmies)
16. Jon Hassell – Darbari Extension ii (from ‘Aka Darbari Java [Magic Realism]’, drummer – Abdou Mboup)
17. Zoviet France – Al ‘Ud (from ’Loh Land’, drummer unknown)
18. Angus Maclise – Trance #2 (from ‘The Cloud Doctrine’, drummer – Angus Maclise)
19. Peter Gabriel – Sandstorm (from ‘Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ’, various Moroccan Drummers)
20. Various Kenyan Musicians – Coconut Pickers Song (from ‘East Africa Witchcraft & Ritual Music’, drummer unknown)
21. Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh – Baba L’Rouami (from ‘Night Spirit Masters’, drummer unknown)
22. Keith Hudson – Hunting (from ‘Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood’, drummers – Santa Davis / Emeka Edozie)
23. Sonny Sharrock – Black Woman (from ‘Black Woman’, drummer – Sunny Murray)