“SOURCES_SG” Scott Goodwin

A sizzling synthetic mix from Operative man Scott Goodwin.


Operative are one of those bands that don’t easily fit into a category – they’ve got drummers (yes drummers, ie. more than one). And they’re techno, and proper techno too – remember, like it used to be? And they use modular synthesizers, and (and this is the kicker) they’re fucking good. Scott Goodwin from the band has taken the time to prepare this mix, which should give you an indication of what hallucinogens they’re rubbing on their open pores before the eventual Type full length. Scott has a tape under the name Lander 5 coming soon on Draft and a series of collaborations with Pete Swanson due any minute – keep your eyes peeled.

Now here’s what Scott had to say about the mix -

“The SOURCES_SG mixes are just a collection of mixes I’ve been doing to
articulate some ideas for new Operative material. Plus its just fun
to share these things and have it be a cool, curatorial thing. The
first one was focused on, sort of, different “experimental” tangents
in dance music and vice versa, different explorations of “dance music”
by people with more avant-garde or multi-disciplinary backgrounds.
It’s still up for d/l at operativegroup.org. This one focuses mainly
on expansive timbres with a focus on composers like James Tenney and
Maryanne Amacher, as well as a few selections from the ‘03-06
“Collective JYRK and affiliate” archives, mixed with some more gonzo
stuff like Matt Carlson’s ur-acid house from his recent “difficult to
listen to” Gift Tape and Rovo’s the post-Boredoms take on fusion."

01. Intro (Edit)
02. Matt Carlson – Infinity Canyons – Gecko Dream Levels – Gift Tapes
03. Maryanne Amacher – Chorale 1 – Sound Characters – Tzadik
04. Ami Yoshida – Untitled – Tiger Thrush – Improvised Music from Japan
05. Bulbs – Swinsong – Light Ships – Freedom to Spend
06. James Tenney – Fabric for Che (Excerpt) – Selected Works 1961 – 1969 – New World Records
07. Axolotl, D. Yellow Swans, Gerritt (Excerpt) – Untitled – MLK Day CDRJYRK
08. Rovo – N’adam (Edit) – Imago – Incidental Music
09. Ryoji Ikeda – Headphonics 1/0 – +/- – Touch