“Reggae Mix” by The North Sea

A sunny trip into Kingston central with the effervescent Brad Rose as your guide.


Brad Rose (aka The North Sea) decided that with the summer hitting and all (and my, the summer gets HOT in Tulsa) it was worth ditching the drone altogether. Who could have predicted he’d end up on reggae eh? Not me.

“Let Me Rock You Now” – The Love Joys
“Intensified” – Desmond Dekker
“Love Makes the World Go Round” – Johnny Osbourne
“Know Jay Today” – The Abyssinians
“Let Me Love You Dub” – Prince Douglas
“I’m in a Rocking Mood” – Austin Faithful
“Concrete Castle King” – Dennis Brown
“Color Barrier” – Leroy Brown
“Mash You Down” – Cornell Campbell
“Leaving to Zion” – Black Uhuru
“Give Me A Chance” – Pauline Morgan & The Consumates
“Hippopotamus” – Desmond Dekker
“Rocking Universally” – Willi Williams
“Time of Decision” – Leroy Brown
“Stop the Fuss” – Horace Andy
“Lips of Wine” – Dennis Brown
“Dreadlock Lady” – Jerry Brown
“Give Me Loving” – The Black Brotherse
“Mind How You Walk” – Leroy Brown
“Sunshine Dub” – Prince Douglas