“Type Mix” Ning Nong

A gigantic mix from Boston DJ and friend of Type Jim Siegel


Massachusetts-based Jim Siegel is a part of the architecture of the State’s rich experimental heritage. You might have seen him DJing at No Fun Fest or supporting countless acts in and around Boston, but he’s probably best known for a killer regular radio show. You can catch the show every Tuesday at 10PM EST-1AM EST on Boston College’s WZBC 90.3FM. You can listen live or to an archived stream (for 2 weeks) at www.wzbc.org

1. Earn – Their Simple Nature (side a) (Ekhein)
2. Grouper – Invisible (Type)
3. Secret Abuse – Shield (Callow God)
4. Spine Scavenger – Eremitic (side a track 1) (Gods Of Tundra)
5. Arab Strap – Cherubs (Chemikal Underground)
6. Cold Cave – Love Comes Close (What’s Your Rupture?)
7. Moose – Suzanne (Hut)
8. Yo La Tengo – Deeper Into Movies (Matador)
9. Organum – Tower Of Silence Pt 1 (LAYLAH)
10. Bee Mask – Folie À Plusieurs (side a) (Temple Of Pei)
11. Ennio Morricone – Alla Luce Del Giorno (El)
12. Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet – Tea Fur Two (CIP)
13. Bodenstandig 2000 – Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3 (Die Ganze Geschichte) (Rephlex)
14. Michel Legrand – Di-Gue-Ding-Ding (Philips)
15. Mikey Murka – Ride The Rhythm (version) (Honest Jon’s)
16. Filastine – Quémalo Ya (Soot)
17. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Sankofa (Honest Jon’s)
18. Why? – Good Friday (Boards Of Canada remix) (Anticon/Tomlab)
19. Cromagnon – Caledonia (ESP-Disk)
20. Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) (EMI)
21. Brendan Murray – Hymn One (Intransitive)
22. Sunset – Dear Broken Friend (Autobus)
23. Celer – The Separation Of The Two-Phased Apple Blossoms (Infraction)
24. Cocteau Twins – Musette And Drums (4AD)