“Summer Rain” Simon Scott

A fizzling collection of tracks from ex-Slowdive man Simon Scott!


It is with great pleasure that I can announce another guest Typecast to the site, this time from ex-Slowdive drummer Simon Scott. Some of you may know that Simon is also responsible for the Kesh label and does a mean line in solo tunes (with an album due for the Miasmah label any minute). I had the pleasure of doing some live dates with him recently and asked him to rustle together a mix… the rest as they say, is history. Here’s some words from Mr. Scott,

“Mix tapes rock hard so to be asked to make one when the UK weather was keeping me indoors when I should’ve be outside breathing in the pollen I jumped at the chance. So with no desire to woo a lady, as was the way back in the day of making TDK/Maxwell mix tapes as a kid, I pulled a random selection of records off my shelf and under the sombre tone of the summer rain and grey skies I went to work. We begin in the future as French artist M&C hasn’t been released yet and go right back fifty five years to the early fifties with crazy Karlheinz when electronic music was rapidly reaching out and electronic musical instruments were getting easier to get hold of. In between there is music that has and still sits in my mind when asked what I musically get my kicks from. There is so much more but hopefully you may get to hear some unfamiliar music that could perhaps inspire you to go and make some music or dig deeper”.

Monolyth & Cobalt, Harmonium Melodies, Kesh Recordings (2009)
SHU:DO, We Watch Over You, Quartermass (2002)
Matmos, Action at a distance, Delux (1999)
A.R.Kane, Baby Milk Snatcher, Rough Trade (1988)
Flying saucer attack, Respect, Drag City (1997)
Pere Ubu, Heart of darkness, Cooking Vinyl (1975)
Seasons (Pre-Din), Above The Tides Fold (4), Thy (2009)
So, Untitled 1, Thrill Jockey (2003)
Bernard Parmegiani, Dedans Dehours 3, INA-GRM (1976)
Barry Truax, Pacific Fanfare, Cambridge Street (2001)
Karlheinze Stockhausen, Gesang der Jünglinge-Struktur 2, Stockhausen-Verlag (1954)
Trevor Wishart, Red Bird: a political prisoner’s dream, Electronic Music Foundation (1978)
Autistici, Closing, Kesh Recordings (2009)
Neurosis, Decent, Music For Nations (1999)
Benoit Pioulard, Hesperos, Kranky (2008)
Novisad (Adlib), Weich, K-RAA-K (1998)
Kim Cascone, Edgeboundaries123. Cyling 74 (2001)
Trans Am, Play in the summer, Thrill Jockey (2000)
Pita, Get Out, Mego (1999)
The Sight Below, No Place For Us, Ghostly International, (2008)
Pink Floyd, Jugband Blues, EMI (1968)